Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This guy here is dead..

Say hello to Billy for me George, say hello to Billy. Have a drink with him. Pat him on the back. Embrace as you once did when you were both so young and virile.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Who's Henry?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Javier Vazquez

Here's something you may not know about Javier Vazquez:

He's good.

Over the last ten seasons, he has thrown over 200 innings nine times. (And 198 once.)

Over the last ten seasons, he's averaged almost 13 wins per seasons, often on lousy teams.

Over the last ten seasons, he's struck out 200 or more batters 5 times, and over 190 twice.

Last year he put up these numbers:

• Ranks 4th in NL in W (15) • Ranks 5th in NL in IP (219.1)
• Ranks 2nd in NL in SO (238) • Ranks 6th in NL in ERA (2.87)
• Ranks 3rd in NL in WHIP (1.03) • Ranks 10th in NL in W% (.600)
• Ranks 3rd in NL in CG (3)

If he's healthy, I don't see how he doesn't win 15 games out of the Yankees' three or four spot in the rotation. Sure, he's not dominant, and his ERA and WHIP will jump, but he's productive. It would not surprise me if he puts up numbers as good as John Lackey next year.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recent Moves

As you all know, the Yankees have traded for Curtis Granderson, signed Nick Johnson, and parted ways with Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon.

I think that Granderson for Damon should now be seen as a push, with the potential to be a significant upgrade. If Granderson can return to his 2008 form, it will be a significant upgrade, considering the improvement in defense and his age (29). However, I worry about his .327 OBP in 2009. He's got to do better than that to replace Johnny Damon, who averaged an OBP of about .360 over his four seasons with the Yankees.

The Johnson move is very interesting. Matsui is only 35 and had a very productive 2009, going 28-90-.876. Johnson's 2009 -- 8-62-.831. So, last season at least, there was no comparison between the two. However, Nick is only 30, and his 2006 23-77-.948 season isn't that long ago. But he didn't play at all in 2007, and barely played in 2008.

I've always liked Nick Johnson because he gets on base like crazy. He'll be a good number two hitter, when he plays. But considering that LA was able to sign Matsui for 1 year/$6 million, I have no idea why Matsui is not a Yankee. I except him to put up the same numbers this season as he did last with LA out of the DH spot. Some, in defending the Johnson deal, say that he can play the field. Yes, but where? I don't remember him playing any outfield, and Tex plays first base every day. So that's irrelevant.

So, overall, I think so far we're coming into 2010 weaker. I wonder if Melky will be the full time left fielder or if they have something else in store.